About VijayAnand

I have started my career with a very humble beginning in 2004,Introduced to the field by ancestors, I was doing only mediocre work until I met my guru in Photography field Mr. Raja Ponsing in 2009 & realized that even I can do professional work, from then only have started to transcend from my amateur work to professional.

Trained my eyes with professionals like Raja ponsing, PratheekShinghi & attended many professional workshops all over India
including one by Mr. Sharad Haskara's essentials of Digital photography.

In this process developed my passion for photography. I have started many wedding photography as well as advertising photography for various clients including (Arise N Shine Schools, Primerose Schools, Smiles India Schools, Tafe, Madras advertising Company, Addisions, Simpsons, Bharath Matrimony, Icopex, LifeStyle, Naukiri.Com, Thambulya, 3Hedge Solutions, Tony & Guy etc).

I have started earning money. All is well ! But still I felt there is something missing in my purpose of life. I felt incomplete until I met Mr. Raj Ganesh (Founder & CEO of Arise N Shine Schools , A Great Humanitarian) who identified my potentials & encouraged to do world class work in my field, suggested me to do it for many people as much as I can which later become the reason for the birth of TWG.

About TWG

Established in 2004 TWG's true value is to do world-class work to its clients regardless of any criteria.

In fact it can be said in other way round, TWG works for people who love world class work.

Being in the industry for 12 years (since 2004) & shot over 600 Wedding.

I have used my experience to trained my team to do extra ordinary work in their respective sector like Cinematography, Photography, Design, Editing etc.which now makes TWG a professional team which can handle 3 to 4 Assignments per day.

We work towards your exact requirements instead of comparing to what our competitors offer you.

In fact we would be happy to suggest you the best suitable package according to your Events.

We have a habit of making our clients as our friends because every one loves working with friends than with unknown vendors .

(Most of our clients are from referral by our previous clients or by existing clients which makes us feel proud of our Services.