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TWG is the No.1 best Candid Wedding Photographers in Chennai. Take a look at our work on Candid Wedding Photography by our best Candid wedding Photographers will show you how creative and professional we can be and why we chose The Wedding Gallery as our signature. For all practical purposes, we may be photographers, but we believe that it’s an art that goes beyond the mere technicalities. It’s a passion for us and each photograph is a promise towards our path of excellence.

  • Feedback from our clients further makes it clear that claim of being Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Chennai.

  • Dynamism, creative and perfection, you may say, are our middle names—so if you are looking to pep up your special day, do contact us. If you’re in Chennai we’ll make your special day extraordinary for you—through the color and romance of our candid photography services. Post-processing also plays a virtual part in making us Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Chennai Your satisfaction is TWG's vision and our wedding photography will way exceed your expectations. We proudly claim as one of the Best Wedding Photographers in Chennai has had for decades and every wedding we shoot takes us a few notches higher. Our charges are competitive and our services extend beyond the contours of wedding photography, candid wedding photography, event photography and pre-post wedding photography are a few of our specialties.

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    Wedding is a special event in a person’s life. Often times the wedding season is unforgettable and the memories last a lifetime, and can be recalled during special occasions. The best thing that anyone can do is to capture these everlasting moments to keep it with you for a lifetime.

    Our customers have given us the great responsibility to capture their important moments in life. They have also regarded us as the best candid wedding photographers in Chennai. We take great effort right from lighting, choosing the poses for the wedding photo shoot, location and so on. We ensure that they get the best results in their wedding photography shots, which they can cherish for a lifetime.

    We understand how special it is to be seen dazzling on the photographs with your beloved. That is why, we have the best photographers in Chennai to do the photo session for your candid wedding photography. We ensure that you have the best candid wedding shots for your special occasion, which you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

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    Be it capturing beautiful romantic pictures or Be it the first love the wedding couple share or the stealing of glances with each other. We as the creative wedding photographers capture the everlasting memories of a beautiful new journey of your life. Pre/Post wedding shoot is on the “must have” list of all wedding couples today. The Wedding Gallery also love capturing those moments.

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    A great photography can change the way you re-live your wedding day. Having this as our primary vision, our photos have a wide range of colourful memories added to your life.Take a tour of our amazing wedding photographic work by our industry-leading wedding photographers.

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    TWG's creative and professional style of shooting allows us to capture images that are Candid, real and spontaneous. Our photographic work is the result of long-period experience and successful efforts applied by our talented photographers with enormous enthusiasm.We at TWG give you a bit of guideline and let the rest naturally fall into the place.

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    TWG is the Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Chennai we have many International Clients as well.

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