Know your wedding photographer

Meet him at least one week prior to your wedding and share some of your expectations with him because he might prepare a good theme for your wedding shoot or just become aware of your emotions so that he captures it well at your big day.

Make sure he is a professional

Ask him how many weddings have he done before or how many years of experience he has in the fields.Ask for his previous works.If you are not sure about his professionalism please don’t hire him or hire him as a secondary photographer and hire a professional as a primary photographer.

Be Cooperative

Yes we know it your big day and you must be pampered with lots of love from your family and friends and in the mean time please remember that you have hired a professional photographer for your wedding and give him the few dedicated time especially while getting ready,after getting ready,post reception and post wedding and we assure you that you will surely get a beautiful set of memories to cherish.

Try to avoid too many photographers unless its A BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING

A crowd of 1000 people for reception and 500 people for wedding can be simply covered two photographers and two video camera mans. If there are few more events going to happen at same time( like sangeeth) then you can hire one or more photographers accordingly.But if the crowd is going to be more than 3000 and if there is going to be more events at the same time then you can poet for 10 member crew to cover the whole event.

Rome wasn’t built in a day! they say

Like wise a good wedding photography and video filming cannot be delivered at a very short period of time.A good wedding photographer might take up to 4 to 6 wedding projects per month and since these post production are done by trained professionals it might take at least 30 to 45 day for a project to get please bear it until then.