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TWG is a team of extremely talented and professional wedding photographers in Chennai. We specialize in destination wedding photography and cinematography With an experience of covering more than 600 weddings photographed in Chennai and around most reputed destinations of India, we make sure that your wedding memories are something that you will always cherish.

  • A great wedding photography can change the way you re-live your wedding day. Having this as our primary vision, our photos have a wide range of colorful memories added to your life.

  • As wedding photographers in Chennai, Our wedding photography is all about capturing your special day in the best possible way. By being there all day, we capture the moments that happen throughout the wedding.At The Wedding Gallery, we as wedding photographers capture not only the key events but every moment that happens in between. A bride getting ready for the wedding, a bridegroom sharing a joke with his friends,an emotional moment when father & mother watch their daughter taking pheras, moments during the wedding, those stolen glances during the wedding, the buzz, shouts, laughter and many more of such memories that are part of your wedding day. We as the best wedding photographers in Chennai won’t rush you for a photograph, no need to have a mock ritual or fake a smile during events. Being unobtrusive,we let the events unfold around us, while we take wedding photographs in a best creative & artful way.

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    Imagine taking those wonderful shots of your son or daughter on their first birthday. No one knows better than us to understand what a treasure your baby’s picture is actually. That is why, our experience and reputation can prove to you that you can rely on our photography service. Our photographers will discuss with you on a personal basis about how you would like the event to be covered. Based on your plan and suggestions, our experienced event photographers will prepare to take those beautiful shots during the event. When you hire our service you can be assured that your event is fully covered and no stones are left unturned.

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    Be it capturing beautiful romantic pictures or Be it the first love the wedding couple share or the stealing of glances with each other. We as the creative wedding photographers capture the everlasting memories of a beautiful new journey of your life. Pre/Post wedding shoot is on the “must have” list of all wedding couples today. The Wedding Gallery also love capturing those moments.

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    A great photography can change the way you re-live your wedding day. Having this as our primary vision, our photos have a wide range of colourful memories added to your life.Take a tour of our amazing wedding photographic work by our industry-leading wedding photographers.

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    TWG's creative and professional style of shooting allows us to capture images that are Candid, real and spontaneous. Our photographic work is the result of long-period experience and successful efforts applied by our talented photographers with enormous enthusiasm.We at TWG give you a bit of guideline and let the rest naturally fall into the place.

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    TWG is the Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Chennai we have many International Clients as well.

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